HVAC Mission Viejo

Green Air Engineering has taken building management service out of the box to a level of service not found in our industry. By providing a ‘no fee’ audit of your equipment & fixtures and providing the following services, we will help you prepare your budget that will help you cover projected costs.

• Communication – Provide building owners and managers information that can be used before making an expenditure on equipment & fixtures that should be replaced.

• Cost Accounting – Tracking your expenditure cost with us as a check & balance with on site availability.

• Building Budget Management – Managing a budget effectively should be based off of what needs to be replaced, a percentage of repairs for equipment & fixtures and what improvements are scheduled to improve the building. The problem is that breakdowns, the lack of maintenance, and/or the knowledge of when to service building parts doesn’t happen in the time frame required. Green Air Engineering tracks and establishes service tables each month to properly maintain the building and protect the budget from over-expenditures. Knowledge is power.

• Individual Historical Tracking – Tracking the equipment, fixtures and building components creates a history that can be used to identify problems, stop unnecessary expenditures and identify repeat problems before money is authorized.

• Professional Building Technicians – Every Green Air Engineering field professional is certified and is a master in their field. To building managers, this means the problem is going to be handled, repaired and serviced to manufacturer specifications. This assists in keeping within budgets effectively saving you money.

We start the process on your building by providing a ‘no fee’ audit of the equipment & fixtures with photo documentation first. From there, we evaluate and provide recommendations for budgeting purposes and price out repairs & maintenance cost. Overall, Green Air Engineering provides you with the necessary tools to help you maintain a proper budget.