5 Most Common HVAC Problem!

Your air conditioner has a very important job: keep you & your home comfortable and so, when your HVAC equipment isn’t working properly or broken it can be frustrating! During the HOT summer months it’s so important to keep your system running as optimally as you can and Green Air Engineering Heating and Air is here to help.

Here’s a short list of common HVAC problems you might encounter:

  1. Electric control failure – AC components (fans and compressors) suffer from wear and tear
  2. Faulty wiring – usually occurs during installation. That’s why you always want to choose reliable and knowledgeable technicians – like ours!
  3. Drainage problem – can be caused from the humid weather and should be flushed out regularly (regularly maintain your systems!)
  4. Leaking refrigerant – insufficient refrigerant could point to leaks or poor initial installation.
  5. Clogged filters – prevent airflow and can lead to other system issues.